Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dinosaur Egg? - Southern Utah

I found this strange item embedded in a coarse sandstone boulder along with two others. This one and one other had been broken open sometime in the past millions of years. The sandstone boulder it is in seemed to be an erratic. That is it didn't match the red sandstone it was sitting on. It appeared to be part of a deposit left by a flood as there were other strange rocks around the area that didn't seem to match the red sandstone either.
The round structure at the end looks a lot like a yolk.
Anyone out there that knows what this is?

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  1. I am almost 90% sure that this is a "Concretion" rock. I will link the defintion at the end of my comment. Please remember that there are many different styles and types of a "Concreation" rock. They are commonly mistaken for dinosaur eggs. I understand how you thought this was an egg so don't feel bad! The inner right side of the rock really does looks like it contains yolk and I'm sure thousands of people would agree. Normally you will find more than one egg in the same area, but that is not always the case. Hope this helped. Have a good day and good luck searching for fossils! ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concretion )


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