Sunday, November 6, 2011

Abused Radio-Collared Bison - Yellowstone National Park

This radio-collared Yellowstone Bison is having a hard time feeding itself. Her hindquarters have become so emaciated and wasted that she had a difficult time getting up or lying down. I suspect that she became infected where the capture dart fired by Yellowstone researchers, when they radio-collared her, injured her in the thigh. The  tight radio-collar was restricting her attempts to swallow her food.
Every animal darted suffers some injury and some get infected and die.  This cow bison will soon join those who die.
I took this photo a few weeks ago in Yellowstone. When I visit, I see rangers constantly harassing photographers and other visitors when they get too close to park animals. What they need to do is arrest the people (park employed researchers) that treat Yellowstone's animals this way. I have never seen a photographer or visitor treat an animal like this bison has been treated. It is the research idiots that do this in park after park across the United States.

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