Monday, May 2, 2011

Northern Flying Squirrel - Idaho

I was checking out old birdhouses around the area to see if I should fix them up. I checked on an old birdhouse that I put up many years ago that the squirrels had gnawed at and enlarged the entrance.

When I knocked on the side of the birdhouse, I was pleasantly surprised to have this flying squirrel come out and pose on the tree trunk. It seemed very reluctant to go more than a few feet from the birdhouse. You can see the flap of skin that it uses to glide from tree to tree.

I went and got a camera and took its' picture and then quickly retreated so as not to make the squirrel leave the area. It appeared to be a very pregnant female.

This is the second flying squirrel that I have found here in recent years. The first one was in another birdhouse and jumped out on my arm when I knocked.

I am going to try to figure out how to see and photograph them at night.


  1. How cool to be so close to such wondrous creatures. I thought by the eyes that it was a night being. You need those cameras like they take on safari. Great pic of the little mama. thanks for sharing the story.

  2. Love this image of the Flying Squirrel. We used to have many and they seem to have taken away, for even my neighbors have missed them too. We live in a heavily wooded area, with all kinds of wildlife, so one can only guess, yet hopefully you will be able to get more captures of this beauty and her young as time progresses~


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