Friday, May 6, 2011

Idaho Fish and Game to Shoot 50 Wolves

The Idaho Fish and Game Department will hire the Department of Agriculture's "WildLife Services" to shoot 50 wolves from helicopters. This operation may start as soon as next week depending on the weather.

Wildlife Services will use a spotter plane to locate the wolves and then call in the helicopter. Agents will shoot the wolves from the helicopter with 10 gauge shotguns with number 4 shot. Radio collared wolves, like the one in this photo, will be used to locate packs for extermination and then will be the last wolves killed.

Wolves have pups in their dens this time of year and all pups will starve to death after their parents are killed. This is not scientific management, it is cold blooded murder.

The idea is to save elk from the wolves so that hunters can kill them next fall. The elk end up dead either way. The wolves don't bother to buy tags and licenses from the Fish and Game so they are targeted for extermination. It is all about money.


  1. Wisconsin is considering a wolf hunt.


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