Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sandhill Cranes Are Back In Idaho!

I was sitting out in my daughter's yard here in Boise, Idaho yesterday and was surprised and pleased to hear the call of Sandhill Cranes circling overhead. I could see about thirty of the birds circling and calling from way up in the sky. They were far too high to photograph.

I was delighted to see them, as sandhills are one of my favorite birds to see, hear and to photograph.
I was a little concerned, because they were quite near the Boise Airport. The thought of thirty large sandills colliding with a commercial jet was a little unsettling.

I took this photo in New Mexico two years ago. There is a circle of ice on this crane's leg
as it takes off from a partially frozen pond.

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  1. Bummer for us. That means they are leaving Florida for the summer. Beautiful shot of it coming in for a landing!


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