Friday, March 4, 2011

Great Gray Owl - Idaho

This Great Gray Owl fledgling is watching a red tailed hawk fly by while waiting for it's mother to bring a meadow vole to eat. Hawks will attack owls if they catch them out in the open.

I was fortunate enough to find this owl with it's mother and two siblings a year ago near my home in Idaho. I was standing on a county road when I took this photo.

The male owl was missing when I found this owl family and I fear that their close proximity to the road may have caused his death. Owls will dive on mice running across the road in the headlights of motor vehicles and get struck while doing so.

I ran over a Great Horned Owl at night many years ago as it caught a mouse right in front of my fast moving pickup.

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  1. What a little beauty. Wish that we could view it larger. Yes, we have seen quite a few Great Horned Owl kills along the roadway as well as one Barred Owl. The Red-tailed Hawks get killed diving for something, just as a taller diesel truck drives by too. I accidently killed a Screech Owl once. It flew into my side window...just 15 more seconds and it would have lived...


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