Saturday, March 26, 2011

Buffle Head Duck - Nevada

This Buffle Head is swimming in a small pond with some red rocks reflecting on the water. Sometimes I think I would like to own a small pond and put up colored panels of various colors to get a variety of reflections of of the water. The reflected color can really make or break a photo.
These small ducks are quite shy and I felt fortunate to find one this close.

Canon 60D with a 500 canon lens and 1.4 multiplier.


  1. Yes, those reflections can change with the seasons as well, and I always enjoy scenes like this one you captured. The little duck looks brilliant as it swims along, bathed in the hues of scarlet bronze tones...lovely~

  2. Love the Bufflehead! They are so small and, for me at least, seem to keep their distance. Great job with this fellow.


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