Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yellowstone Wolves - Hayden Pack

I took this photo three years ago when the Hayden Pack posed for me right off of the road in Hayden Valley. The secret to good wolf photos is simple. Keep showing up with your camera in areas they frequent and sooner or later they will be close enough to get photos like this. These wolves are listening to another wolf pack howling in the distance. I could hear two other packs in the area besides the Haydens.

I removed the radio collar from the white wolf by using the clone tool in photoshop to cover it with fur. Half of the wolves I see in Yellowstone are radio collared, which can ruin many a good photo.

I used a Canon 40D with a 500mm Canon Lens for this photo. It was the first day that I had used the new 40D and I unknowingly had it set on JPEG without RAW and didn't discover what I had done until I finished shooting. I prefer RAW for initial digital processing of my images and shoot both JPEG and RAW at the same time.

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