Monday, February 7, 2011

Yellowstone Wolf - Alpha Female - Canyon Pack

I have photographed this wolf every fall for the past three years. She has just crossed a creek and has muddy legs from the boggy area along the stream.
The small Canyon pack (three adults this year) has been sandwiched in between larger Yellowstone wolf pack territories and have had a hard time getting enough food to raise a litter of pups. This year she had three pups. If they survive the winter and are added to the three adults in the Canyon Pack, the six of them may be strong enough to occupy and defend a larger territory.
I hope to see this wolf and the rest of her pack again next fall when I take my annual fall trip to Yellowstone..


  1. She is a beauty, hope she and her pups do survivie the harshness of the Yellowstone winters~

  2. I hope so too. I am concerned that the wolf reseachers will put radio collars of the pups this winter and that some of them will die from the stress of being captured and collared.

  3. Great photos and commentary Larry.Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


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