Friday, February 25, 2011

Vaginal Implant Team - Yellowstone National Park

This group of Yellowstone employees are about to set off to dart a Bison and put a radio collar on it. There were at least two other members of the team, but I was not able to include them in the photo. Shortly after I took this photo, I watched as the team took their radio collar, dart gun and assorted other tools and darted a Bison near Lava Creek in Yellowstone and put a radio collar on it.

I have to be honest and say that I have never seen this crew put a vaginal radio transmitter in a Yellowstone Bison, but since they are the ones that do the radio collars, it stands to reason that they would do both procedures while the Bison was drugged and down.

The geniuses that run Yellowstone put radio collars on twenty five Bison and vaginal radio transmitters in the females in the group in January and hazed them out of the park in an $3.3 million experiment to see what they would do..

The experiment lasted only a few days when the Bison promptly crossed the Yellowstone River to private property haystacks and had to be hauled back into Yellowstone. Two of them were shot and killed during the process. There are more than 500 Bison trying to leave Yellowstone at this time and they are being fed hay while park officials decide what to do with them.

Yellowstone has been taken over by these bumbling researchers who dart , drug and collar and generally mistreat and harass many of the wildlife species in the park. In this case two of the Bison were shot and killed.
A new superintendent has just started his duties and needs to be made aware of this problem. His name is Daniel Wenk.

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