Thursday, February 3, 2011

Remembering Macho B - Killed by Criminal Biologists

I was in Arizona two years ago when this beautiful Jaguar was captured by snaring him by his foot. (He may have spent 16 hours in the snare trying to get loose.)He was then drugged and had this gigantic radio collar put around his neck.
He was put to death eleven days later when he was found with failing kidneys ( Kidneys get damaged when the waste from muscles, damaged while struggling to escape the snare, plugs up the kidneys causing them to fail.) and unable to hunt. Macho B was the only Jaguar left in the U.S..

When the Arizona Game and Fish Department sent Mach B to a taxidermist to have his skin removed so they could use it for a display, Macho B was found to have a large festering abscess at the capture dart injection site. Other photos of this botched study show Macho B lying on a dirty jacket with his head wrapped in a dirty T-shirt while being fitted with this collar.

Emil McCain, the biologist who planned and set up Macho Bs capture, pleaded guilty recently to capturing an endangered species without a permit and lying to Federal officials about it. He was fined a paltry $1000 and got five years probation for killing this beautiful Jaguar. The Arizona Department of Game and Fish has filed a $8,000 civil lawsuit against McCain for causing the death of Macho B.

McCain has a history of bad behavior. He was fired from his job working on the Yellowstone Cougar Project when he was convicted for using a friend's hunting license to kill a deer in Montana and he was involved in studies that caused the death of at least two other Jaguars in Mexico.

I read that he got a job in Spain working on a Iberian Lynx study, so watch for those endangered animals to start dying. He should have a lifetime ban on working with any wildlife. If you know anyone in Spain, alert them to this criminal's danger to their wildlife.

When this Jaguar died, he was portrayed by McCain as old and in bad shape at the time of his capture. This photo supplied by the AZDG&F shows a healthy, well fed Jaguar at that time.

The original story before McCain's conviction, was that the capture of Macho B was accidental and that the biologists were trying to snare Black bears and Cougars for the AZDG&F.

It came out in the investigation that McCain and his helpers(One of them was fired from the AZDG&F for helping) used female Jaguar scat from the Phoenix Zoo as bait for the snare and that he had ordered this special radio collar in anticipation of capturing Macho B.

This capture scene is repeated over and over in our national parks and wildlife refuges by biologists that have lost all sense of what it means for wildlife to really be wild and free.

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