Thursday, February 10, 2011

Raptor Research????? - Boise State University- Centennial Marsh - Idaho

I found this Boise State University Raptor "Researcher" stabbing a needle into the neck of a female Kestrel Falcon when I drove though the Centennial Marsh Wildlife Area here in Idaho last spring.

The researcher would block the entrance of a Kestrel nesting box with a glove and then remove the female falcon, who was sitting on her eggs, and submit her to this mad scientist routine of sticking a needle into her throat. This procedure would be repeated many times during the day at each of the Kestrel nesting boxes nailed to poles throughout the wildlife area.

This Boise State researcher's supervisor (An obnoxious fat woman in a blue coat.) tried to block me from taking photos of this assault. She told me she "didn't like wildlife photographers".
You can see from this photo why they wouldn't want someone to record what they do as "research".
I didn't like her either. I thought both of them should be in jail for what they were doing to the falcons. I gave the Idaho Fish and Game Department and the Idaho Governor's office a copy of this photo along with photos of both researchers and their BSU truck.

This is a prime example of what is going on all over the world today. Researchers are allowed to mistreat wildlife under the cover of "Research" on thousands of animals similar to what this person is doing to this poor bird.

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