Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Osprey - Cascade Lake - Idaho

A young Osprey tests its' wings before taking flight. Its' parents have nested in an old goose nesting platform that has been tilted by the wind.. These platforms are only about eight feet off of the ground. It is common to see Ospreys using these old platforms.
Ospreys and Canada Geese often use the same nests where I live in Idaho. The geese will lay their eggs in early spring and by the time the Ospreys return from the south, the young goslings have jumped out of the nest and are out on Cascade Lake with their parents.

Some of the local osprey nests are built high up on power poles and I see geese sitting on their eggs on these nests in the spring. I have never been present to see the goslings jump out of the nests, but it looks like an awfully long way to fall. I suspect some of them get injured.

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