Sunday, February 6, 2011

Abused Polar Bear With Radio Collar - Alaska

This Polar Bear has been darted and drugged and then had a radio collar hung around its' neck and some other device put on its' ear.

Global warming is being used by an army of researchers as an excuse to abuse and radio-collar thousands of animals all over the world.

I took my eleven year old grandson with me last week to an advertised program on Polar Bear research at Boise State University. It was one of the most boring presentations I have had to sit through for many years.
The presenter, (I will call him Dr. Line Graph) never told us what he actually did when he studied Polar Bears for thirty years. He gave us a power point presentation that consisted of graph after graph comparing his graphs with other researcher's graphs.
I would have asked for my money back, but it was free so I couldn't.

I did come away thinking we needed a refund of the researcher's salary for the past thirty years while he was working for the U.S. Geological Survey. If his research was as poor as his presentation, he needs to refund his salary to the taxpayers.

My grandson was relieved to hear that I wanted to leave half way through the lecture just like he did. He said he was suffering from "Graphitis". We stayed for the entire presentation, thinking that something important would be covered. We should have left earlier. We already knew that the Polar Bears would die if the polar ice melted.

Too much wildlife research today consists of radio- collaring animals and then sitting in an office and watching the animal's travels on a computer screen. The animals are reduced to numbers and line graphs on a research paper. The rights of the wild animals to be left alone, get lost in the quest to gather more useless information.

Many of these collared animals die later from the stress of being captured and drugged.
This type of intrusive and abusive research needs to be banned on all public lands and on all wildlife.

This post was read and approved by my grandson.

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