Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yellowstone Wolves - Druid Pack -Yellowstone National Park

Four mange infested members of the Druid Pack make an attempt to kill an elk(the elk eventually escaped) in the Lamar River(Fall 2009). The wolves have very little hair on their tails and hair is missing in big patches on their bodies.and at least two of them are handicapped by the large radio collars around their necks. You can see the big radio-collar on the black wolf next to the elk. The combination of mange and radio-collars proved lethal and these wolves all died within a few months after I took this photo. The Druid Pack is Gone!

The wolves kept this elk in the river for several hours. At one time there were seven wolves swimming after the elk. Each time the wolves tried to grab the elk, she managed to stay just out of reach. In this photo, the elk has just struck with her hooves at the three wolves on the left and they are scrambling to get out of her way.

The mange infected wolves would get cold and retreat to shore to get warm. The radio collared wolves would spend time scratching at their collars. Finally they were all stretched out in the sun and the elk was able to slip away.

I found myself with mixed emotions while I watched this dramatic event. I wanted the mange infested wolves to catch the elk so they could survive, yet I found myself cheering for the elk each time she dodged them. I also cursed the idiots that put these huge, intrusive radio-collars on the wolves.

A Radio-Collared Wolf Is A Dead Wolf!

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