Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stumped - Red Fox On A Stump - Idaho

This fox is looking at me like: "OK, You got me to pose on this stump, now what do you want me to do?"
Foxes are very agile and can leap up on stumps much taller than this one. They have great balance and can trot down small downed trees with ease.
They will get lots of practice in Idaho where I live in the summer, because we experienced two major wind storms that downed hundreds of trees in my neighborhood this past summer and fall. I stood in my yard during the first one and watched large trees get blown over all over the area. I lost the tops of four trees and could hear huge Ponderosa Pines going down near close by Cascade Lake. Power lines were down everywhere and roads were closed with large trees blocking traffic. Quite an event.
I used a Canon 5D with a Canon 500 mm. lens for this photo

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  1. And a lovely, or rather handsome Fox it is. People in my area see one all of the time, I have only seen it once and it is always near...maybe, just maybe~


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