Monday, January 10, 2011

River Otters Swimming - Jackson, Wyoming

I took this photo last fall as I traveled through the Tetons on my way to Yellowstone. The fall colors reflecting off of the water gave the photo a very interesting look. The otters were chasing each other, swimming rapidly and produced quite a wake.

River Otters travel in family groups like wolves do and come out of the water to mark their territory by urinating on rocks and river debris similar to the way wolves mark their territory. Otters will travel great distances over mountain ranges to get to another river drainage. I have seen their trails in the snow where they toboggan on their stomachs for miles far from water.

Young otters that get separated from their family call out with a very loud "chirp". They love to play and spend a lot of time playing in and out of the water.

Biologists cannot get radio collars to stay on otter's necks, so they capture the otters and open them up and put radio transmitters in their abdominal cavities. The radios are left in the otters after the batteries go dead. I suspect that makes the otters go dead.

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