Saturday, January 8, 2011

Radio Collared Yellowstone Bison To Get Vaginal Transmitters

Twenty five Yellowstone Bison are going to be fitted with radio collars like this one and the collared females are going to be implanted with vaginal transmitters so biologists can determine when and where they give birth. Sounds like something out of a mad scientist horror movie? It is. I am surprised they don't dye them fluorescent green so they glow in the dark.
These twenty five Bison will be allowed to leave Yellowstone near Gardiner, Montana this winter and travel through the Church Universal Triumphant property under a $3.3 million dollar deal with the church to let the migrating bison trespass on their ranch on their way to public lands outside of Yellowstone. Sounds like a money- wasting government boondoggle? It is.
Yellowstone has become a Mecca for mad scientist type biologists with radio collars, body cavity radio transmitters, and helicopters who treat the animals in Yellowstone like experimental domestic livestock. The administrators of Yellowstone have lost all concept of what Yellowstone was envisioned to be when the park was set aside as a refuge for WILDLIFE.

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