Friday, January 7, 2011

On The Hunt - Canyon Pack - Yellowstone National Park

The Canyon Pack adult wolves set out on a hunt. (October 2010) They have left three pups behind, which they will bring food to after making a kill. The Black Wolf is the alpha male and the light gray wolf is the alpha female. The large gray male wolf (non-alpha) leads the hunt, which goes against common lore that the alphas are always the leaders. I have observed this wolf pack over three years and the gray male wolf seems to always be in the front leading the pack when I see them.
The black wolf has a radio collar. I fear that the new pups will be collared this winter. The Yellowstone Wolf Biologists (Led by Doug Smith) just can't seem to leave these animals alone. They get collars donated to them by the Yellowstone Foundation and if enough collars are donated, they put them all on, even if it means that more than half of the wolves get collared. This intrusive study has been going on for over fifteen years and has put collars on over seven hundred and fifty nine(759) wolves. It is time to stop this study and quit harassing the wolves.

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