Friday, January 28, 2011

Grizzly Steals Elk From Canyon Wolf Pack - Yellowstone National Park

This Grizzly Bear has taken this Bull Elk away from the Canyon Wolves and has pulled it up next to a tree and covered it with grass to keep the wolves away from it.
The black alpha male Wolf is trying to convince the Grizzly to leave and let the Wolves have the Elk back. It didn't work. The Grizzly stayed on top of the dead Elk for three days and only left to occasionally get a drink from the nearby lake. He didn't leave until he had eaten the entire Elk.

Yellowstone Grizzlies have learned to follow wolf packs, knowing that sooner or later they will kill an Elk. The Grizzlies then take over and the wolves have to go hunting again. This makes it difficult for the wolves to raise their pups. Hunting Elk is dangerous and exhausting work.

This past fall, I had to be careful every time I was near the Canyon Pack because a very large Grizzly called Scarface would show up within the next hour or so. He followed the wolves wherever they went.

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