Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Abused Cow Elk With Radio Collar - Yellowstone National Park

This cow elk has been fitted with a radio- collar by an incompetent researcher. The radio-collar is far too tight and is causing this animal some distress. This kind of bumbling, intrusive research is very common in Yellowstone and is practiced on most species of birds and mammals. Wildlife in Yellowstone are not managed, so this useless information is used only for unread reports and for fulfilling the requirements of the researcher for an advanced college degree.

Yellowstone requirements for research studies insist that the collars have a release mechanism or have sections of cloth that will rot and release the collar. This collar has neither. Yellowstone also requires that the collars be colored to match the animals color. Someone forgot to read (Or can't read) the regulations before placing this collar on this unfortunate elk. (Probably working on his/her PhD.)

When wolves run through an elk herd looking for an elk that looks or acts different from the rest to pursue, this elk will be the one selected. The researcher just as well have painted "KILL ME" in large letters on this elk.

A Radio-Collared Elk Is A Dead Elk!


  1. OH How I Hate This!!!! I wish there was some way to make all of the ugliness of mankind toward animals more caring and natural, this sickens me, just as with the Wolves.

  2. Hi Larry, I met you a few years ago on a Defenders of Wildlife wolf photo trip in Bear valley. ( A F&G wolf collar guy was there) I had no idea how bad radio collars are until I started reading your blog recently.


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