Monday, November 1, 2010

Yellowstone wolf Researcher Has Collared 759 Wolves

NPS Photo

Over the past fifteen years, Yellowstone National Park Wolf Biologist Doug Smith has radio collared over 759 Yellowstone Wolves. What the news releases don't mention, is that he chased each of them to exhaustion by helicopter, darted them and then posed for photos like this one. (Notice that he doesn't use any gloves or a mask to protect the wolf from any disease organisms.) Yellowstone wolves sometime die from being infected with Parvo Virus, which is spread from domestic dogs by poor sanitary practices like this.
It only takes one feces-contaminated domestic dog hair to spread the virus.

Fifteen years of treating wolves in Yellowstone like this is not something to be proud of.

Any useful information was retrieved years ago and the study now is more about locating wolves for tourists to watch than for any biological reason. (And to keep Doug employed)
Not one wolf has been helped by the study and 759 Yellowstone Wolves have been treated like lab rats.

Stop this study Doug, and find something useful to do!

A Radio-Collared Wolf is a Dead Wolf!

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