Friday, November 5, 2010

Radio-Collared Wolf - Yellowstone National Park

This wolf is a member of Yellowstone's Blacktail Pack. He is skinny and malnourished looking, which makes sense since he is handicapped by the ugly radio collar around his neck.
This abuse of Yellowstone's wolves has been going on for over sixteen years. Seven hundred and fifty nine (759)wolves have been collared like this during the Yellowstone Wolf Project Study. If you add in the wolves that had collars replaced after the batteries failed, the number is more like eight hundred (800) or more wolves that have been treated this way.
People that treat Yellowstone wolves like this deserve some jail time. Those that pay for these obscene collars should join them in jail. Yellowstone Park Officials who approve of and fail to stop this abuse should be jailed also.
A Radio-Collared Wolf is a DEAD Wolf.


  1. Wow this is awful, just absolutely AWFUL. How cruel and how do these people in the parks system get by with it and for what reason are they collared anyway? I want to learn more, send me an e-mail~


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