Sunday, November 14, 2010

Black Wolf on Yellowstone Road

The Canyon Pack Wolves often use the roads in Yellowstone for travel. I photographed the black male of the pack as he trotted down the yellow line.
This wolf has a radio-collar, but it is not very visible from this angle. He seems much subdued compared to last year when he was not collared.
Yellowstone Rangers often shoot members of this pack with rubber bullets when they see them on the roadways. They claim to be "conditioning them to not use the roads". It is part of the over-management of wolves and other wildlife by the park staff. Rubber bullets break ribs and can kill wolves at close range. Animals in Yellowstone are treated like farm livestock.
I look for this wolf to be killed by other wolves this winter, since he is handicapped by the radio collar and will have a hard time defending himself when the Canyon Pack interacts with other wolf packs while following migrating elk.


  1. I cannot begin to imagine the horror, I just hate all of the collaring stuff, and then had to the sinful acts the rubber bullits, really disturbing.

  2. I finally watched the Rise of BlackWolf last night on NG tv and it was sad, exciting and all kinds of other emotions. The struggles to survive of this ingenius black wolf was so wonderful to watch. I can't wait til we can go to Yellowstone and see all the beauty but I am thankful for all the people that bring this beauty and information to us. These animals are unique and deserve to be well protected.
    God bless,


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