Thursday, May 27, 2010

Druid Wolves on Elk Kill - Yellowstone National Park

The last known member of Yellowstone's Druid wolf pack was killed this week near Butte, Montana when it was observed trying to kill a cow. It was black and may be one of these two wolves. It was radio-collared, infested with mange mites, and starving.

The Druids were plagued with mange and radio collars. When I took this photo, there were 14 adult wolves in the pack and seven of them were collared. Stressing mange-infested wolves by chasing them with helicopters and darting them during the collaring process, has to rank right up there with the killing of Macho B, the jaguar in Arizona, when he was snared and collared last year, as a crime against wildlife.
Shortly after I took this photo, a helicopter flew over the area. The wolves all hid in the sagebrush, obviously very frightened and stressed from hearing the helicopter. This should not happen in Yellowstone.

The Yellowstone Wolf Project has been going on for 16 years and has outlived it's usefulness.
Wolves in Yellowstone have decreased from 174 a few years ago to under 100 this year. This is a classic example of studying animals to death.


  1. What a horrific story and oh so true are your words. Sometimes... mankind, just does not get it, with our own, or with nature and this is truly a sad outcome to have come to such an awful ending... Will we ever learn... Be well~

  2. nice blog and nice photo; bravo

  3. Thanks for telling the public!


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