Thursday, April 8, 2010

New-Born Bison Calf - Yellowstone National Park

This little guy arrived while snow was still on the ground. I saw him a few hours later with two wolves trying to catch him. His mother and one other bison cow kept the wolves at bay until the three of them caught up with the rest of the herd (over a mile from the birthing site) which drove the wolves away. The wolves actually caught hold of the calf on two different occasions, but I saw him nursing his mother after they were back in the main herd, so I think he survived OK.

Cattlemen in wolf country should take a lesson from this. Putting polled or de-horned cattle out on the range is poor policy. Let those cows grow some horns and they will defend themselves from wolves. Domestic sheep and hornless cows have no place on public lands. They require that too many predators be killed to keep public land ranchers in business. If you can't co-exist with the wolves, stay the hell home.


  1. Well what you want on your land, but if you've got an allotment on public land, some risk is implied!

  2. Very cute image, i would not have guess it was a bison!


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