Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Hunt-Yellowstone Wolf and Elk

Wolves are selective hunters. This wolf is considering attacking this cow elk as it runs along side of her. (Notice the saliva coming from his mouth) In an instant, this wolf and the rest of the pack (Hayden Pack) made a decision to leave this cow alone and go after her large calf, who was running several yards in front of the cow. They eventually caught and killed the calf. The cow was not harmed.

Anti- wolf groups would have you believe that wolves would have killed both the cow and calf and wasted most of the meat. I have observed wolves kill several elk and they always eat as much as they can hold and then return again and again to eat eventually, even the bones and hide..

A large Grizzly Bear took the calf elk away from these wolves before they could eat all of it. Yellowstone wolves eat their kills as fast as they can, because Grizzlies have learned to follow them while they are hunting and take the dead elk away from the wolves.

The next morning, while the Grizzly was on the kill, this frustrated pack of wolves (9 of them) chased a coyote directly at me in the morning darkness and they all ran within 10 yards of me in single file after the coyote. The coyote ran past me on the left and the wolves on the right. It was too dark for a photo, but it was a great experience. I could hear them breathing and could hear the grass being ripped out of the ground by their toe-nails as they ran past me. The coyote dropped the piece of elk hide he was stealing and got away.
I consider this to be my best wolf photo. Please respect my copyright. If you want a print of it, you can order it on my website:

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