Monday, March 8, 2010

Wolves Pursuing Elk-Lamar River Yellowstone National Park

The Druid Pack of Wolves try to run down an elk in the Lamar River in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. I watched and photographed this event for about four hours last fall. The Elk eventually wore the Wolves out and escaped. She kept dodging and returning to the deeper parts of the river where she could out-maneuver the wolves.

If you look closely(click on the image to enlarge), you can see that the wolves have very little hair on their tails. They are suffering from a parasitic mite disease called mange which makes their hair fall out. Suffering from mange and handicapped by radio collars, this ENTIRE PACK of wolves died of cold and starvation this winter. Some of the loss of life is due to constant harassment by so-called researchers who follow the wolves everyday.
Yellowstone Wolf Biologists seem to be able to chase them down with helicopters and put radio collars on them, but they claim treating them for mange is "Not Natural".
The Yellowstone Wolf population has plummeted from 174 wolves a few years ago to less than 100 this spring. The Druid Pack had as many as 28 wolves a few years ago, 14 adults last year, and now there are none. Of the 14 wolves in the pack last year, Yellowstone Wolf Biologists had chased down and put radio collars on 7 of them. This is a classic case of "Studying Wildlife To Death".
Someone should fire Jon Jarvis, U.S. National Parks Director. Call Jon 202-208-3818.

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  1. you should really work on getting your facts straight before posting false information. And for having a science background I think you would know that. The entire Druid Pack did not die, some did die from mange, some were killed by other wolves, and some are still living and recovering from their mange. The Druid wolves that are still alive are loners and don't function as a pack and have lost their territory, but we wouldn't know any of this if it weren't for those researchers who "harass" the wolves.


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