Monday, March 22, 2010

Radio-Collared WolF Doing "Raised Leg Urination"- Yellowstone National Park

Wolf researchers in Yellowstone National Park justify putting radio collars on the wolves so they can easily locate them to record behavior that anyone who has watched dogs for any length of time already knows.

This radio-collared Yellowstone wolf is peeing to mark its territory and to relieve itself. Wolf researchers try to make it sound exotic by calling it a "Raised Leg Urination" so they can make us believe they are recording important events. Researchers have been abusing wolves with helicopter chases and collaring in Yellowstone for 15 years to record common canine behavior like this and have plans for continuing this as long as they can. It is past time to stop this insanity. I found this wolf the old-fashioned way by simply taking the time to look for him.
Call Jon Jarvis (U.S. National Parks Director)and tell him what is going on.(202-208-3818)

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  1. Larry,
    I like your pics, and I also like your willingness to say it as you see it, ie. collaring, using NPS helicopters and pictures for personal profit, yellow car and how much research it will take to fill a cabin. Maybe I'll get to meet you this summer in the park. CA Lic#113WOLF
    Mike Williams


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