Friday, March 5, 2010

Sage Grouse Courting Display-Idaho

Secretary of the U.S. Department of Interior Salazar refused to put the Sage Grouse on the endangered species list today. He said the listing was warranted, but that other concerns had greater priority. In other words, he favored corporate oil and gas development and continued over-grazing of public lands by the livestock industry, over protecting Sage Grouse habitat. President Obama promised change when he was elected, but we seem to have the same type of Interior Department Secretary that Bush had when he was president.
This male Sage Grouse is caught by the early morning sun on a frost covered strutting lek on public lands in Idaho last spring. The lek is covered with non-native dead weeds introduced by the over-grazing of domestic sheep.
I hope that my grandson and his children will get to see Sage Grouse strutting during their life-times. I fear that corporate interests have too much say in governing our land and that many species of wildlife will be endangered in the future.

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Canon 40d, 500 mm lens

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