Thursday, March 11, 2010

Monster Bighorn Rams - Alberta, Canada

Here are two huge Rocky Mountain Bighorn Rams. To get this large, these rams have evaded trophy hunters who would pay up to $200,000 to shoot one of these rams. This insanity of placing such high prices on these sheep encourages poaching and needs to stop. I prefer to see bighorn rams like this out in the wild rather than seeing their heads hanging on some hunters wall.

Many Bighorn Sheep in western states die when they catch pneumonia from domestic sheep. Over 400 bighorns have died this year from pneumonia.
I am on the Idaho Bighorn/Domestic Sheep Working Group which tries to resolve differences between the use of public lands by Bighorns and domestic sheep and attended their meeting on Tuesday.
I am not sure we accomplish much as the bighorns keep dying.
I think that domestic sheep grazing on public lands inhabited by bighorns should not be allowed.

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  1. Fantastic animals! I hope something is worked out to keep them going.


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