Saturday, March 27, 2010

Battered Bighorn-Alberta Canada

The drive to reproduce and to engage in mating dominance battles is very strong in Bighorn rams. This Bighorn ram lost one of his horns a few years before in a battle with another ram. He is still battling with one horn and it looks like he got hurt again when butting heads while handicapped by his loss.
His eye has been injured and he has a wound on his face. I suspect that one of the other ram's horns got caught inside of this rams remaining horn, producing the injury.
There are no referees in these battles and rams get their horns broken off when they get struck from the side by a third ram when they clash head on with their first opponent.
It is not uncommon to see three or four rams trying to butt heads at the same time. I have watched three rams gang up and really batter one other ram.

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