Friday, February 5, 2010

White Wolf Howling - Get This Collar Off Of Me!

Every hundred years or so a photographer gets to take a photo like this. I found nine wolves howling next to the road in Yellowstone two years ago and captured this image of the dominant alpha female. The only problem is that someone else found her first and stuck this ugly radio collar on her.
Wolves were re-introduced in Yellowstone 15 years ago and the park biologists have about half of them equipped with collars. These collars do not magically appear on the wolves. They are put on the wolves after biologists chase them to exhaustion with helicopters and dart them with dangerous drugs. After 15 years, this study is more about setting records for the length of the study than in gathering any useful information. After recording thousands of so called "raised-leg urinations", studies like this become abusive when continued without end.

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