Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grizzly Bear- Trying to Scratch Radio Collar Off

I took this photo a few years ago in Yellowstone National Park. Every time I visit the park I see several animals with radio collars. Many wildlife biologists seem to think that wild animals are their own special research objects. They often abuse or kill wild animals in their quest to mico-manage the animals for information that is often only used to write a graduate thesis for the biologist's self promotion.
This bear had to be darted and drugged by a researcher to get this collar on. The darts inject the drug with an explosive charge as it strikes the bear and often drives dirt, hair and other material deep into the wound which causes infection. Two Grizzlies died of infection from dart wounds in the Yellowstone area last year.

This Grizzly was doing his best to set himself free from the collar. Collars provide hiding places for ticks and mites and cause severe itching. I saw and photographed a Grizzly Bear in the same area a few weeks later without a collar. I hope it was this one and that it succeeded in scraping off the collar.

Yellowstone Grizzlys

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