Sunday, February 14, 2010

Great Gray Owl eating Vole - Idaho

Larry Thorngren - Young Great Gray Owl eating vole
This fledgling Great Gray Owl has just been handed a meadow vole by its' mother. It is getting ready to swallow the vole in one gulp.
I found this young owl with its' mother and two siblings about 3 miles from my home this past summer and returned two or three days to photograph them before they moved on to find more voles. Great Gray Owls will feed their young all summer and into the winter. The young give a loud screetch when they see their parents with a rodent.
As they get older, young owls will fly to the parent with vole or mouse and attempt to take it away. The parents are adept at dodging the aggressive owlet and giving it to whichever baby owl they please.

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  1. What an awesome bird, I saw an Night owl in South Africa and was just as in awe.

    Kaylene Greane

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    This Gray Owl looks really scary..This is a wonderful photograph.I have nit seen this Gray owl in my real life but I also want to take its photograph.

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