Saturday, January 16, 2010

Store In El Dorado Canyon, Nevada

I went out to El Dorado Canyon, South of Las Vegas, Nevada and took the tour of the gold mine there. The tour takes you deep into the tunnels of the old gold mine and lets you see the remains of a quartz vein that yielded millions in gold and silver a century ago. The mine has a violent history with murders, claim jumping and renegade indians all part of the story.
The mine is owned and operated by Tony and Bobbie Werly. They were very charming and gracious. If you get out near Nelson, Nevada, stop and take the tour,


  1. Very homey, comfortable looking. Great desert landscaping and rocky scenery behind. Are those pumpkins?

  2. I think they were big gourds. I didn't think to ask where they came from.


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