Friday, January 8, 2010

Mis-Named Duck-- Ring Neck Duck

This ring necked duck is starting his dive to get food from the bottom of the pond. The quick action makes him look like he is in a whirl-pool.

These small diving ducks are called Ring-Neck Ducks. They get their name from a hard-to-see ring around their necks. They are often called Ringbills because of the obvious ring around their bills. It would make sense to call them by their most easily seen marking- the ring bill. I took photos of these pretty ducks at the Veterans Memorial Park in Boulder City, Nevada.

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  1. Beautiful iridescent plumage on the back of the neck of the 2nd one. I clicked on the first one to blow it up and his/her eye is turning reddish orange. Don’t know if that’s from the sun’s angle or do they have a nictitating eyelid for going under water? You got me interested in that ring neck so I went looking. It seems the neck ring is red. No wonder it’s not very visible.


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